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Jack has been an active nature photographer for decades and a digital photographer for about 10 years. He enjoys the beauty of nature and especially the ability to capture it in the camera. He excels at the technical aspects of photography and digital processing. By using a variety of techniques his goal is to create art out the photograph - not just to capture a scene but to bring out its fully beauty in the final image. He enjoys creating digital slide shows and especially framed and matted prints to show off his work. Jack is also a computer programmer and markets Photocontest Pro to camera clubs for preparing and presenting digital photo competitions. He has also developed websites and serves as Webmaster for a variety of websites.

Ellen started in photography back in the film days but really took off with her first digital camera. The new technology was liberating creatively and really inspired her to use the camera to see more deeply into the beauty of the world in which we live. There is beauty everywhere, from the smallest detail to large expansive scenery. Ellen loves to use photography as a way to appreciate the beauty of nature in all its forms and to see creatively. You will often find her out in field wandering off in a different direction in search of something new and different to photograph. She loves to travel and visit new places with a camera and sometimes just to sit on a rock and just soak up the view around her.

Both Jack and Ellen are members of the Camera Naturalist Photo Club in Somerset County NJ and actively participate in club activities and competitions. They have won numerous awards and accolades for their photography.

When not photographing, Jack and Ellen spend their time with their other passion- whitewater kayaking. Again, it is the beauty and peace of being on the river, especially with good friends, that draws them to this sport.

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